Slow Suicide (eyesofatragedy) wrote in godimissyou,
Slow Suicide

josh partington's side-project: FIRESCAPE

Hey everyone! Check out Something Corporate guitarist Josh Partington's side-project! The band Firescape is a brilliant new band, sure to make it big with their edgier rock sound that compliments Partington's songwriting. Hunter Macdonald, Jake Margolis, and Something Corporate merch guy, Andy Stensrud finish up the line-up, backing Josh's lyrics and vocals with such an intensity, it goes unnoticed.

Currently touring the U.S. and one Canada date with Straylight Run, it's an act not to be missed. Buy your ticket today and go out and see them!

The Official Site

Click here to hear some mp3s on purevolume

The band's MySpace site

The band's LiveJournal community

Tour dates can be found on the official site, as well as the MySpace site.
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