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It's me and the moon she says [entries|friends|calendar]
I'm so tired of days that feel like the night

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[28 May 2005|09:13am]

For those of you who love Firescape, there's a brand spankin new forum up for everyone to interact! Just click here and post your little hearts out!
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[15 May 2005|08:30pm]


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[23 Apr 2005|02:42pm]

Interested in Jack's Mannequin? (Andrew from Something Corporate's side project)

Check out their two tracks, 'Holiday from Real' & 'Kill the Messenger'!

New Jack's Mannequin Tunes

Click here to become a member of The Messengers!

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firescape EP out NOW! [26 Feb 2005|10:13pm]

Hey everyone! Just a quick message informing you all of the current Firescape tour and the EP.

The tour dates are posted on the band's website. Make sure to check them out LIVE because they are awesome! Great show, definately one of the best I've ever been to (and that's saying a lot because I've been to several shows).

Also, don't forget about the official Firescape LJ community!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Join if you HEART Firescape!
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josh partington's side-project: FIRESCAPE [13 Feb 2005|09:36pm]

Hey everyone! Check out Something Corporate guitarist Josh Partington's side-project! The band Firescape is a brilliant new band, sure to make it big with their edgier rock sound that compliments Partington's songwriting. Hunter Macdonald, Jake Margolis, and Something Corporate merch guy, Andy Stensrud finish up the line-up, backing Josh's lyrics and vocals with such an intensity, it goes unnoticed.

Currently touring the U.S. and one Canada date with Straylight Run, it's an act not to be missed. Buy your ticket today and go out and see them!

The Official Site

Click here to hear some mp3s on purevolume

The band's MySpace site

The band's LiveJournal community

Tour dates can be found on the official site, as well as the MySpace site.
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bye bye [18 Feb 2005|04:18pm]

this community is dead
im leaving.

later ♥
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[02 Feb 2005|01:16am]

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[01 Feb 2005|07:58pm]

hey guys, my names alicia and im new to the community. i absolutely love something corporate <3. if anyone wants, they can add me, cuz id love a few new friends
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[08 Jan 2005|11:06pm]


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[02 Dec 2004|03:41pm]

does anybody have a copy of the St.Louis version of Konstantine that you could send me?
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jaskfldjlajflksj [08 Nov 2004|07:21pm]

Guys. I feel so effing empty. My friend committed suicide. I don't know what to do anymore. Please help.
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random. [26 Oct 2004|11:26pm]

[ mood | creative ]

glory greets me in time of mourning your heart. you went cold and i cry now for you late at night, i want you back. <3

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[23 Oct 2004|02:02pm]

[ mood | lonely ]



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[12 Sep 2004|04:33pm]

Was this the community where someone had Andrew's personal email address?? Can you leave a comment if you do, because there's something I really need to talk to you about.
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random [31 Aug 2004|09:23am]


Char, Me, and Sarina.

80s love for all!!! <333

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dead. [12 Aug 2004|08:44pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

this community is dead, i'm exiting now. bye everyone.

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bye [12 Aug 2004|02:47pm]

[ mood | cold ]

hey im leaving this site is so dead its not even funny. bye everyone

ex oh<3

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[11 Aug 2004|09:39pm]


We <3 SoCo!
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[11 Aug 2004|03:10am]


__uniquekids ,
you know you wanna... :)

Dawn x

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[07 Aug 2004|06:11pm]

[ mood | blah ]

hey people my names heather just joined .. something corporate is great i love there cds my favorite songs are probably as you sleep and ruthless and also me and the moon..add me to your friends list and ill add you to mine or just leave me a comment

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